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Spe-Le-Yai Lodge # 249

Spe-Le-Yai Lodge was an early Lodge in Southern California charted in 1943. The Lodge’s name is said to be a Shoshone word for “Song of the Coyote.”

The Lodges territory includes the cities of Glendale and Burbank, along with several Northern neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Spe-Le-Yai was very active in helping form other Lodges in Southern California, and helped facilitate many ceremonies.

The Lodge had their first National Officer when Gavin Cho was elected the 2020 Western Region Chief.

Lodge Information

  • Term of Service: 1943 – Present
  • Totem: Coyote, singing to the darkened sky
  • Verdugo Hills Council
  • Glendale, California

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