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William Woodward (1946 – 2018)

Bill Woodward Vigil Breakfast 2019
Bill Woodward Vigil Breakfast 2019
Bill Woodward
Bill Woodward attending 2007 Cahuilla Lodge Banquet.

Order of the Arrow Service

  • Navajo Lodge # 98 (1961 – 2006)
  • Cahuilla Lodge # 127 (2006 – 2018)
  • 1964:  Serrano Clan Sub Chief, Navajo Lodge
  • 1965:  Sub Chief, Navajo Lodge
  • 1966:  Lodge Chief, Navajo Lodge
  • 1971 – 1973:  Lodge Adviser, Navajo Lodge
  • 1985 – 1986:  Chapter Adviser, Dsihltnani Chapter, Navajo Lodge
  • 1988 – 1989:  Lodge Adviser, Navajo Lodge
  • 1995 – 1996:  Lodge Adviser, Navajo Lodge
  • 2007:  Vigil Adviser, Cahuilla Lodge
  • 2012 – 2014:  Camping Chair, Old Baldy District, California Inland Empire Council
  • 2013 – 2018:  Council Auction Committee, California Inland Empire Council

Awards and Honors

  • Vigil Honor, Navajo Lodge (1966)
  • District Award of Merit, Trails End District, Old Baldy Council (1986)
  • Founder’s Award, Navajo Lodge (1986)
  • Silver Beaver, Old Baldy Council (2006)
  • Order of the Arrow Centurion Award, Cahuilla Lodge (2015)


  • United States Navy Veteran (1968 – 1971)
  • Truck Delivery and Logistics (1979 – 2009)


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4 thoughts on “William Woodward (1946 – 2018)”

  1. I remember Bill when I was a youth 20 years ago. He always had a big smile and great attitude. Even though he was an adviser for Navajo, he was still very friendly and willing to support the youth of any lodge. After the merger, it was terrific to be in the same Lodge with Bill. He will be missed. Thank you, Bill, for your commitment to scouting.

  2. Two distinct things come to mind when I think about Mr. Woodward. The first was his ever-present Cheerful smile. The second was his considerable laugh – which always happened when we recalled dozens of great OA stories from Cahuilla, Navajo, and Section W4B.

    My friendship with Bill started as a good buddy in our neighboring Lodge, Navajo. Navajo and Cahuilla often had a very close relationship. As fate would have it, most of Navajo joined Cahuilla Lodge in 2006. Bill’s enthusiasm for joining the Cahuilla team and being one of our Lodge Brothers helped set the stage for the Navajo Chapter becoming one of the best chapters in the Lodge.

    Bill had an encyclopedic mind for all thing history – although we had spoken very recently to cover history for Navajo Lodge specifically, I know there is so much and so many stories we didn’t get a chance to cover.

    Bill, thank you for being such a great friend. We will all miss you and appreciate all you did in the Order of the Arrow and the Scouting program.

  3. Cahuilla Lodge,

    I am very sorry for Bill’s family, and very sorry for our Lodge at the loss of “Chief [of Navajo 98] in ‘66.” That man possessed great expertise in OA and BSA in general, worked tirelessly, and always made the youth, not us grownups, top priority.

    We lose.

    May the Great Spirit bless the soul of Mr. Woodward.



  4. I became a member of the Lodge in 1983, Bill was the Associate Adviser. He and I became very good friends and he always worked to make the Lodge better. Both of my sons were members Marc (Sean) was a Chapter Chief, later he was Lodge Vice Chief and later Section Vice Chief and Ryan (younger brother) was also, Chapter Chief and later Lodge Vice Chief (Medicine Man – Dance and Ceremonies). All three of us attained Vigil Honor within the Lodge. I would have never made Vigil if it wasn’t for Bills encouragement and pushing me to do more for the Lodge and Chapter. With Bills help I designed several NOAC patches including the “Puzzle Patch Sets in the mid 90’s and into the 2000’s. We always made sure that the youth got first crack at purchasing (at a reduced rate) the special patches.

    Bill was always willing to assist the youth leadership and offered advice and encouragement! I miss him and his wry sense of humor.


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