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1996 Section W4B Conclave

Area Adviser * Jack Hess 312 

Area Staff Adviser * Larry Vaughn 

Region Chief * Tony Fiori 13 

Region Chairman * Dick Mills 

Region Adviser * Don Chilcote 

1995 – 1996 Section Leadership

Section Chief: Tony Fiori (13) and Alan Kay (127)

Section Vice-Chief: Shawn Mitchell (45)

Section Secretary: Tracy Schultze (127)

Section Adviser: George Torbett (127)

Section Associate Adviser: Michael Philbrook (45)

Staff Adviser: David Tate (98)

The Conclave theme was “UNITED IN SERVICE”.  

A 4” patch was issued for participants.  There was also a small patch with a bear head in the middle which was used as a hat patch. 

Special guests included the National Vice Chief Ryan Miske, Western Region Chief Tony Fiori 13, Central Region Chief J. J. Arnold, Southern Region Chief John Berry, National Committeeman Esten Grubb, Region Committee member Tom Tabb, and Area Adviser Jack Hess.  Other guests were W3A Section Chief Josh Souza, W3B Section Chief Lane Kasselman, W3B Section Vice Chief Joey DeMate, W4C Section Chief Romy Brasher, Past National Chief Clint Takeshita, Steve Silbiger past W4A Adviser, &James Ariola W4C Associate Adviser.  This was a great group of guests and many of the participants were able to talk to them.  Virtually all of the guests competed in place of Navajo Lodge in OA Jeopardy. They lost handily to the Cahuilla Lodge OA Jeopardy team of Tracy Schultze, Alan Kay, and Thom Zambrana.

The Saturday night show was one of the best ever if not the best thanks to the efforts of John Westmyer (13) & Sean Morrissey (13) and support from John’s employer Show Pros. The shows included a Friday Night Lodge Chief pie-eating contest, which included a friendly but spirited food fight between the Cahuilla and Wiatava Lodge Chiefs. The Saturday Night show was based on Indiana Jones and featured a cave that attendees walked through out into the main show area.

Alan Kay was elected chief when Tony Fiori had to resign after he was elected Region Chief.  The weather was very warm.  In-N-Out was served via company truck during Saturday’s lunch and proved to be extremely popular. In the evening, deep pit chicken was for dinner and not all were fully cooked, creating some stomach issues for a number of attendees.

The position of Area Adviser has been put back in the program as an optional position. The total attendance was 407 with 147 from Cahuilla, 26 from Navajo, 96 from Tiwaha, and 128 from Wiatava.  We had 10 out of section guests.  The fee was $22.00. 


Dates: May 3 – 5, 1996

Service Lodge: Navajo Lodge # 98

Location: California School for the Deaf, Riverside, California

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