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Navajo Lodge # 98 (1937 – 2006)

Navajo Lodge # 98 was chartered in 1937, making them the second Lodge created in California.

Prior to the formation of the Lodge, an Order of Navajo existed at Camp Tulakes.

The Lodge was created by first Lodge Chief Jack Atwood and Scout Executive O.A. Alderson.

Navajo Lodge was well-known for their annual Pow Wow events. Pow Wow 1, which was held in 1955, also helped create A-tsa Lodge # 380. Navajo Lodge also later held a join Pow Wow with Tahquitz Lodge # 127 as well.

Navajo Lodge’s newsletter was called the Navajo Lookout.

In 2006, Navajo Lodge # 98 was split along the Los Angeles / San Bernardino County Line and absorbed by Ta Tanka Lodge # 488 and Cahuilla Lodge # 127.

The Los Angeles County portion of Navajo Lodge is primarily split between the Huunut and Los Lobos Chapters of Tuku-Ut Lodge. The San Bernardino County portion is named the Navajo Chapter in Cahuilla Lodge.

Navajo Lodge Facts

Years of Service: 1937 – 2006

Old Baldy Council

Totem: Navajo Brave

Classic Website: https://www.sageventure.com/navajo98/


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