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Section W6W

Current Member Lodges:

Current Website: www.sectionw6w.org
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OAW6W/

W6W Leadership

Section W6W was formed after the 2008 Western Region BSA Alignment.  The headquarters cities of its member Lodges include San Diego, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson.  The second W stands for West, as it sits West of fellow Area 6 Section W6E (East).

The new section in 2008 largely comprised the territory of Section W4C until later changes were made.  For a brief period, Gila Lodge was a member of Section W6W before being moved to Section W6E.

Tiwahe Lodge was scheduled to be moved to Area 6 in 2008, but stayed in Section W4S at the request of the Lodge’s Supreme Chief of the Fire and approval by the Area Director.  San Diego-Imperial Council moved to the BSA Area 6 as scheduled.  In 2011, Tiwahe Lodge formally voted to join the Section.  Tiwahe was introduced as a member Lodge at the 2011 Section W6W Conclave.

The lineal Section (Area XII-E/W4C/W5A/W6W) celebrated its 60th Conclave (or Conference) in 2016.

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