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Chapters of Cahuilla Lodge

This is a collection of the Chapters that have served Scouting in Cahuilla Lodge since June 1, 1973. Some chapters carried over from previous Lodges. We are not quite ready to declare this a complete list, so if you know of a chapter not listed, please contact the website.

It should also be noted that the group in Big Bear existed as a Clan (a group within a chapter) on at least two occasions, but never had status as a full chapter and did not have a vote on the Lodge Executive Committee.

  • A-tsa Chapter
  • Aca Chapter
  • Agua Caliente Chapter
  • Agua Mansa Chapter
  • Azwit Chapter
  • Big Bear Chapter (Clan)
  • Chemehuevi Chapter
  • Hutuk Chapter
  • Kaneeno Chapter
  • Luwillivon Chapter
  • Memekis Chapter
  • Mojave Chapter
  • Morongo Chapter
  • Navajo Chapter
  • Pusa Tua Chapter
  • Puyamak Chapter
  • Serrano Chapter
  • Soboba Chapter (and Clan)
  • Tahquitz Chapter
  • Takic Chapter
  • Wanakik Chapter
  • Whi-Al-Lum Chapter
  • Wisumahi Chapter
  • Yamiwa Chapter

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