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A-tsa Chapter

A-tsa Chapter became a part of Cahuilla Lodge # 127, with the absorption of A-tsa Lodge # 380 in 1974.

The original chapter comprised the entire area of A-tsa Lodge and Grayback Council, principally the cities of Redlands and Yucaipa.

In 1992, the A-tsa Chapter absorbed the Morongo Chapter in the Pass area, adding communities like Beaumont and Banning to their area.

In 2010, when Cahuilla Lodge consolidated to their current chapters, A-tsa took in the greater area of San Bernardino that had previously been part of the Wisumahi Chapter.

A-tsa Chapter has continuously served uninterrupted since joining Cahuilla Lodge, including high-level leadership including 7 Lodge Chiefs, 3 Lodge Advisers, 5 Section Chiefs, and 1 Western Region Chief.

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