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Nisjaw Lodge # 338 (1946 – 1947)

Nisjaw Council # 338 was a short-lived Order of the Arrow Lodge in Eastern Arizona. It was chartered to the Three G Council # 9 on May 22, 1946.

Little is known of this Lodge and it quickly disbanded.

In 1961, another short-lived Lodge in the same area, Na-Ko-Na Lodge # 551 was formed.

In 1965, the renamed Copper Council formed Salado Lodge # 551, which operated until it merged with Wipala Wiki Lodge # 432 in 1977.

Source: Wipala Wiki Predecessor Lodges

Lodge Information

  • Term of Service: 1946 – 1947
  • Totem: Owl
  • Three G Council
  • Safford, Arizona

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