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Tiwahe Founder’s Award Recipients

Year Recipient Recipient Recipient
1993 Harry Bakken Ken Harrington
1994 Alan Morstein Mike Ewens
1995 Shawn Mitchell Andrew Pond
1996 Jared Lee Mike Philbrook
1997 Brent Bystedt Floyd Morstein
1998 Robert Brock Ryan Jordan
1999 Paul Olaso, Jr. Tim Malaney
2000 Tim Slaughter
2001 Robby Contreras Jeremiah Prough
2002 Tom Hamlett
2003 Robby Dixon Pat Jordan
2004 Brandon Guzik Doris McCarthy
2005 Thomas “TL” Summers
2006 Kenny Bostwick Jerry Ennis John McHenry
2007 Bobby James Steven Swanson Marcus Sneed
2008 Tim Hissem Jeff Bostwick Bob Swanson
2009 Joseph Garcia Steven Ennis Jim Steen
2010 D.J. Flaherty Jim Bennetts Charlie James
2011 Tym Dancz Ster Finley Lucas Stauffer
2012 Mark Anthony Castro Andoni Garcia Dennis Hunt
2013 George Hyde
2014 Michael Palmisciano Albert Garcia
2015 Richard Ramage Anna Marie Castro
2016 Vincent McCarthy Gaetano Barnes
2017 Jonathan Ninteman Bob Dixon
2018 Ajay Kumar Monroe McBride
2019 Frederick Persons Joshua Persons


For recipients of Tiwahe’s predesessor Lodges, please see the Ashie Lodge Founder’s Award Recipients and Pang Lodge Founder’s Award Recipients pages.


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