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Walika Lodge # 228 (1942 – 1972)

Walika Lodge # 228 was the 7th Lodge to be formed in California. It served the San Fernando Valley, the Northern portion of Los Angeles County, and the Kern County communities of Rosamond, Edwards, and Edwards Air Force Base. It was a part of the San Fernando Valley Council.

In 1972, Walika Lodge # 228 and Tamet Lodge # 225 merged to form Malibu Lodge # 566.

Page contributions from Rick Breithaupt and Dr. Neil Lupton.

Walika Lodge S4 Pocket Flap
  • Term of Service: 1942 – 1972
  • San Fernando Valley Council
  • Los Angeles (Van Nuys), California
  • Totem: Shaka (Black Tailed Buck)

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