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Camp Evans

The property that became Camp Evans was donated by Mary Edith Southworth Evans (1868 – 1959) to the Riverside County Council. Her husband was Samuel Cary Evans Jr. (1866 – 1930), who was the first elected Mayor of the City of Riverside in 1907, and served again from 1922 to 1926. He died in 1932 while the elected Mayor for what would have been a third term.

The site of the camp was at the North side of Mount Rubidoux along the Santa Ana River near Fairmount Park and Lake Evans.

Camp Evans is mentioned in newspaper articles as early as 1930, however, in a 1948 Palm Springs Limelight-News article, it lists 15 acres as a donation in the form of a 99 year lease. The city mentions Scout use of the area dating back as far as 1917.

The camp was used until the early 1970s. The last newspaper account was in the Lake Elsinore Valley Sun in 1973.

The City of Riverside has recently targeted the 100 acres for possible redevelopment. If developed, Scouting and youth group use of the site could be in the future, and it is possible that Camp Evans may yet become a Scout camp once again.

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