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Wisumahi Lodge # 478 (1952 – 1973)

Wisumahi Lodge # 478 was founded in 1952 with the installation of Larry Grace, first Lodge Chief, by Skip Fife, Supreme Chief of the Fire of San Gorgonio Lodge # 298.  Wisumahi’s first camp was Arataba, which suffered extensive damage from fire.  It was leased from the United States Forest Service, and the lease was not renewed by Arrowhead Area Council.

The second camp was Camp Running Springs, which would be renamed Camp Helendade.

In 1973, Wisumahi merged with Tahquitz Lodge # 127 to form Cahuilla Lodge # 127.

Arrowhead Area Council also supported a pre-OA society called the Tribe of Siwanis.  The Tribe supported Camp Arataba with Scouts from San Bernardino County and the Nevada communities of Boulder City and Las Vegas before they had a Council.  The Tribe also briefly held camp at Camp Tecopa in Mount Charleston, Nevada, for those Scouts from Nevada.

Wisumahi Lodge Facts

Term of Service: 1952 – 1973

Arrowhead Area Council

San Bernardino, California

Totem: Arrowhead


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