Cahuilla Lodge

January 1, 1973 – Present


Website: (note:  Cahuilla is likely the second Lodge in the country to host its own domain name – Octoraro Lodge’s website appeared as early as 1995)


1973:  Cahuilla Lodge # 127 is formed from the merger of Tahquitz Lodge # 127 and Wisumahi Lodge # 478.

1974:  A-tsa Lodge # 380 is absorbed by Cahuilla Lodge.

2006:  The portion of Navajo Lodge # 98 in San Bernardino County is absorbed by Cahuilla Lodge.  The portion in Los Angeles County is absorbed by Ta Tanka Lodge.

Cahuilla Lodge has 4 distinct Lodges as its roots, 2 which began in the 1930s and 2 in the 1950s.  Navajo Lodge

Pre-OA Societies

There were at least two Pre-OA Societies that existed at two different camps.  The Tribe of Tahquitz (Riverside County Council) was formed in the late 1920s and is the second Pre-OA Tribe of Tahquitz after the original formed at the Idyllwild Camp Tahquitz as part of Long Beach Area Council.

The second was the Tribe of Siwanis, which formed at Camp Arataba in Barton Flats and part of Arrowhead Area Council.  Both groups were reformulated as Order of the Arrow Lodges once their Councils received formal charters.


Navajo Lodge # 98 and Tahquitz Lodge # 127 were the 2nd and 4th Order of the Arrow Lodges formed in California, founded in 1937 and 1938 respectively.  Ho-Mita Koda Lodge # 380, part of the Redlands Area Council, existed between 1948 and 1952.  Wisumahi Lodge # 478 became a Lodge in 1952.  Finally, A-tsa Lodge # 380 was chartered in 1955 after the previous Lodge was disbanded.


Cahuilla Lodge has the longest continually-operating Lodge website in the country, dating back to early 1998.  Their site is older than the National Order of the Arrow website.

2 Arrowmen have served as Western Region Chiefs, 4 Arrowmen have received the National Distinguished Service Award, 16 Arrowmen have served as Section Chiefs, and 6 have served as Section Advisers.

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