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Tiwahe Lodge # 45

Tiwahe Lodge # 45 was formed from the merger of Ashie Lodge # 436 and Pang Lodge # 532. The number 45 was both the lowest number available at the time, and used the first number of both merging Lodges.

The word, tiwahe, is a Lakota word for Family.

The Lodge has twice received the National Service Grant, used for building a new deck at Mataguay Scout Reservation’s Silva Lodge, as well as a second opportunity to build a new fire bowl.

Tiwahe was a member of Section W4B and W4S from 1992 to 2011. In 2011, because of San Diego-Imperial Council being part of Area 6, Tiwahe joined Section W6W. In 2015, Tiwahe Lodge had the honor of being the Service Lodge for the Centennial Celebration Conclave, and the event was the largest in that Section’s history.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • 1997:  Lodge Excellence Award, Section W4B
  • 1998:  Lodge Excellence Award, Section W4B
  • 1999:  Lodge Excellence Award, Section W4B
  • 2000:  Lodge Excellence Award,Section W4B
  • 2004:  National Service Grant (Used for deck at Silva Lodge)
  • 2005:  National Service Award
  • 2006:  Lodge Executive Award, Section W4B
  • 2014:  Top Lodge Award, Section W6W
  • 2017:  National Service Grant
Tiwahe Lodge - 2015 Centennial Pocket Flap
Tiwahe Lodge – 2015 Centennial Pocket Flap

Tiwahe Lodge # 45

  • Term of Service: 1992 to Present
  • Totem: Red-Tailed Hawk
  • Website: https://oa.sdicbsa.org/
  • Desert Pacific and San Diego-Imperial Lodges
  • San Diego, California

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