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Section W4S

Current Member Lodges:

Section W4S was formed after the 2008 Western Region BSA Alignment.  The new section in 2008 largely comprised the territory of Section W4B until later changes were made.  The biggest initial change was that Ta Tanka Lodge, a historic participant of Section W4A, was moved to the new section.

Long Beach Council – Order of the Arrow

In 2012, Long Beach Council officially joined the Order of the Arrow with the chartering of Puvunga Lodge.  The historic Tribe of Tahquitz remained as an important service organization to Long Beach Council and Camp Tahquitz.  Both organizations still co-exist and many youth and leaders are members of both programs.  After the chartering of Puvunga Lodge, only one council in the country remained without an Order of the Arrow program (Pony Express Council).  In 2018, Pony Express also formed an Order of the Arrow Lodge, co-existing with longtime service organization, Tribe of Mic-O-Say.  After 103 years, every Council in the Boy Scouts of America has an Order of the Arrow Lodge.

Tiwahe Lodge (2008 – 2011)

Initially, Tiwahe Lodge was to join Section W6W, but at the request of their Supreme Chief of the Fire, the lodge remained in Section W4S. In 2011, the Lodge Executive Committee of Tiwahe Lodge voted to join Section W6W, to match their parent council’s (San Diego-Imperial Council) organization under BSA Area 6.

Ta Tanka Merger (2015)

In 2015, The Los Angeles Area Council and San Gabriel Valley Council merged into the Greater Los Angeles Area Council.  By National Commitee policy, only a single Order of the Arrow Lodge can exist, so Siwinis Lodge and Ta Tanka Lodge also merged to form Tuku’ut Lodge.  Because the two merging Lodges were in different sections, and Ta Tanka had a long history with W4A, the new Lodge was made a member of Section W4N.

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