A-tsa Lodge # 380 (1955 – 1973)

Chartered to Grayback Council, Redlands, California

115 E. Redlands Blvd, Redlands, California

A-tsa Lodge # 380 was reinstated as a Lodge on November 28, 1955, with Richard Balfour as the first Lodge Chief. A-tsa was most likely started at Camp Tulakes as part of Navajo Lodge # 98‘s Pow Wow # 1. A-tsa Lodge inductees would continue to be inducted at Navajo Lodge Pow Wows at Camp Tulakes for many years.

It was not the first Lodge in the area, which is why their charter date as listed as a reinstatement. Ho-Mita-Koda Lodge # 380 was chartered from 1948 to 1952 (some records list them as being dropped January 1951) before disbanding. It is not known if the Order of the Arrow continued in some unofficial capacity in the period. The local BSA Council also appears to have had a downturn, and the original Redlands Area Council became Grayback Council at the same time as A-tsa’s founding.

A-tsa Lodge worked under a school-based fiscal year, generally running from September to August.

A-tsa Lodge joined Cahuilla Lodge #127 in 1974, although some National records erroneously indicate 1976. At this time, it is not know why the discrepancy exists.

A-tsa Lodge was the first Service Lodge in Section W4B, with the first Section Conclave held at Redlands High School before they became a part of the newly-formed Cahuilla Lodge # 127. At that time, the area comprising the Lodge’s territory became the A-tsa Chapter, which exists to this day.


Here are my photos about A-tsa Lodge:

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A-tsa had at least two chapters, Netami and Ho-Mita-Koda.