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1973 Section W4B Conclave

The 1973 Section W4B Conclave was the first conference after the 1973 BSA Realignment. While the organization changed from Area 12-A to Section W4B, there weren’t a lot of practical changes to the event. Dan Reaser was the first Chief of Section W4B.

Wiatava Lodge # 13 was created in January 1973 from the merger of Ahwahnee Lodge # 430 and San Gorgonio Lodge # 298.

While the Councils affiliated with Tahquitz Lodge # 127 and Wisumahi Lodge # 478 had formed a new Council on January 1, 1973, the Lodges were not quite ready to merge. It was announced at the Conclave that the new merged Lodge would be called Cahuilla Lodge # 127.

This was the only Section Conclave with A-tsa Lodge # 380 as the Service Lodge. The Lodge would be absorbed by Cahuilla Lodge in 1974. Steve Miller was the Service Lodge Chief.

1973 Area (Section) Chiefs: Charles Wisdom (Wiatava), Steve Miller (A-tsa), Ken DeWitt (Wisumahi), Bob Wilson (Navajo), Jeff Ferris (Ashie). Not Pictured: Pete Alliwson (Tribe of Tahquitz), Jon Nelson (Tahquitz), John Filer (Pang)


Service Lodge: A-tsa Lodge # 380

Location: Redlands High School, Redlands, California


1973 Chief’s Welcome Letter

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