Pre-OA Societies

Tribe of Tahquitz (Camp Tahquitz)

This pre-OA society started in 1925 and is one of only two non-OA groups that still exist.  While Puvunga Lodge was created in 2011, the Tribe still co-exists and continues its service, particularly to Camp Tahquitz in Barton Flats.  Many Long Beach Scouting youth are members of both the Tribe and the OA Lodge.

Tribe of Tahquitz (Camp Emerson)

This pre-OA society was likely created around 1928, thought its true origin is unclear.  Why the Camp Emerson group chose to use the same name as the camp down the street is also not known.  This society existed until 1938 when it became Tahquitz Lodge # 127.

Tribe of Gorgonio (Camp Ro-Ki-Li)

This pre-OA society eventually became San Gorgonio Lodge # 298.

Tribe of Siwanis (Camp Arataba)

This pre-OA society was based at Camp Arataba until Wisumahi Lodge # 478 was formed in 1952.  

Other Societies?

There were almost certainly other camp societies that have escaped modern notice.  Having a camp Indian society was popular and ubiquitous in the early 20th century.  A somewhat related example would be the Ladies of Siwanis, which also existed at Camp Arataba.