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1973 Section W4A Conclave

SECTION W4ASite * Hoover High SchoolGlendaleCA. 

APRIL 27-29Host * SPE LE YAI 249 

1973Chief * Brad Quibell 249 

Deputy Area Chief * Rene Mejia 252 

Rick Breithaupt 566 

Fritz Ebbs 304 

Secretary * Fred Nishpercy 252 

Treasurer * Mike Wolf 566 

Lay Adviser * Don Hansen 249 

Assistant Adviser *Al Hoogeveen 252 

Bob Barnes 488 

Professional Adviser * Don Pittenger 566 

Region Chairman * Sam Hathaway 252 

Region Adviser * Richard Bentley 


Comments:Section members were 90, 249, 252, 291, 303, 304, 488, and 566.  Lodges 225 and 228 merged to form 566.  Dave Boshea was the National Executive Secretary and a special guest.  This was the first year of the new organization.  The officers were not in accordance with the new section manual: however, it isn’t clear if one was available at this time.  The participants patch had a black border and there was also a gold border patch. 


Outstanding Lodge * Malibu 566 

Ordeal Trophy * Malibu 566 

Brotherhood Trophy * Siwinis 252 

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