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Area 12-E

The area that comprised Area 12-E was original part of Area 12-A.  The first Area 12-A Chief, Loren Tarvin, was from Tamet Lodge # 225George Aunger from Siwinis Lodge # 252 also served as the Area 12-A Lay Adviser.  Tamet Lodge # 225 also was the Service Lodge for the 1952 Area 12-A Conference.

As that Area became too large, Area 12-E was split from the original Area 12-A in 1955.  The first Area 12-E Chief, Doug Hart, was elected at the 1955 Area 12-A Conference, and the first Area 12-E Conference was held in 1956.

The Lodges of Area 12-E included:

In 1973, in line with the great Region re-alignment, Area 12-E became Section W4A.

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