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2003 Section W4B Conclave

May 2 – 4, 2003

Location:  Camp Emerson, Idyllwild, California

Special Guests included Matt Griffis, 2003 Western Region Chief.

Cahuilla Lodge won the Lodge Excellence Award.  Wiatava won the Spirit Award, which included a Wiatava congo line throughout the day.  Cahuilla introduced glow-in-the-dark frisbees to the Conclave.

A massive rainstorm hit, especially Saturday.  Heavy rain, fog, and winds impacted the program all day.  Many campers had their entire tents soaked through and went home.  The Saturday night show was moved to Dembo Hall from it’s original location outdoors.  This harkened back to some Camp Emerson Area 12-A Conferences that had snow on the ground.

On Sunday morning, the Conclave Business Meeting was held. Elected Officers were:

  • Michael Gollner (Cahuilla), Section Chief
  • Robby Dixon (Tiwahe), Section Vice-Chief
  • Greg Lewis (Cahuilla), Section Secretary

Outgoing Section Chief Matt Swan received his Green Bear for completing his term.

Section Adviser Dennis Underwood received his Green Bear for completing his term. He also introduced Deanna Westmyer as the new Section W4B Adviser and Tim Malaney as the new Section W4B Associate Adviser.

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